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Amaze Your Customers With an Exceptional Online Reputation

Our automated email and text review system seamlessly collects positive reviews from your current & former customers, enhancing your reputation, visibility, engagement, & SEO. With AI-generated replies, save time and improve SEO, attracting more customers & driving your online growth.

Amaze Your Customers With an Exceptional Online Reputation

Our automated email and text review system seamlessly collects positive reviews from your current & former customers, enhancing your reputation, visibility, engagement, & SEO. With AI-generated replies, save time and improve SEO, attracting more customers & driving your online growth.

enhance your business online reputation

Potential customers often read reviews before making a purchasing or choosing a service decision. Our Smart review collector will identify & request your happy clients with positive feedback to leave a Google review.

hear your client's feedback

Feedbacks can help you identify areas for improvement, make necessary changes, and provide better customer service. Clients who's rating 3 or below will be asked for their feedback to be sent directly to the management.

keep in touch with your former clients

All former clients will receive an automated email requesting their feedback, which will be sent to management, and they will also be encouraged to leave a Google review.

AI-automated review responses

All reviews will receive automatic AI-generated replies to improve customer engagement and SEO.

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Meet Your Favorit New Employee
AI Receptionist to Answer All Your Website Visitors' Questions and Schedule Appointments!

Fully trained AI Receptionist that never sleeps, never gets sick, never needs vacation, replies right away, right answers, right on time

Easily Trained & Taught

We'll help you train your chatbot from your website, FAQs, and even Google Docs. Thumbs-down any responses you don't like and the bot will ask you how it should have replied.

Easily Customized & Playground Included

Customize the look and feel of your chatbot to match your company's branding. Privately converse with your bot to test and tweak replies.

Powerful AI Models, Private & Secure

Your chatbot runs on the latest and greatest of GPT models. Your data is hosted on secure servers with robust encryption and access control.

73% of users

expect websites to feature chatbots for convenient interactions.

74% of internet users

prefer using chatbots for simple questions.

87.2% of consumers

rate their interactions with bots as either neutral or positive.

3X faster

Chatbots have remarkably accelerated response times, answering 3 times faster on average.

Centralize Your Communication System

Access and respond to your emails, texts, and social media messages all from one central inbox. Simplify communication management, stay organized, and ensure no messages are overlooked

have control on all your emails, texts & secial media messages

Receive and respond to all your E-mails, texts, Social Media messages, Google My Business reviews, chat & messages from one place.

have all your contatcs saved in one place

Once you receive an E-mails, Social Media Messages, Google My Business messages, Text Messages, or QR Code scan, the contact will be auto saved in your contacts list.

Auto AI-generated RESPPONSES

The Conversation AI is an advanced feature that leverages AI technologies to enhance customer interactions with your business. Our AI Bot solves complex problems and provides safer, more accurate answers than any AI Chatbot on the market for your social media messages, reviews or texts.

Get A High Engagement Rate Communication

Email and text message campaigns offer targeted communication strategies to engage your audience directly. Reach customers effectively through personalized messages & templates delivered straight to their inboxes and phones, driving conversions and fostering brand loyalty

keep in touch with your clients

Text message & email create a one-on-one connection between businesses and customers. This can help build trust and loyalty, as customers feel valued and appreciated. Send offers, promotions, birthday wishes, or holiday greetings through email or text message campaigns.

Instant delivery of your marketing campaigns

Text messages are delivered instantly, making them an effective way to reach customers with time-sensitive offers or promotions. This can be particularly useful for limited-time deals, flash sales or a holiday greeting.

High open and response rates

Text messages have a significantly high open rate. According to research, 98% of SMS messages are opened and read within minutes of being received.

Streamline All Your Social Media Tasks

This integrated feature offers you a centralized platform to create posts for all your social media pages simultaneously, manage tasks efficiently, and analyze campaign performance

manage all your social media pages from one place

With the integrated Social Media Planner, you will have control on all your Social media contents from one place.

save time on planing your social media contents

Having an integrated social media planner allows you to plan and schedule your social media content in advance. This saves you time and allows you to focus on other important tasks.

have a Consistency in your social media marketing

Consistency is key in social media marketing. By using an integrated planner, you can ensure that your content is consistently posted at the right times and on the right platforms. This helps to maintain your brand's image and keep your audience engaged.

Convert Missed Calls Into Text Conversations & Record Your Calls

Never miss a customer call again. This feature automatically converts each missed call into a text conversation and includes a recorded call center to enhance customer service

auto Prompt response to all your business's missed calls

This feature allows you to acknowledge the missed call and auto respond to the caller, showing that you value their communication and are committed to prompt customer service.

enhamce your Customer satisfaction

When you promptly text back after a missed call, it reassures the caller that their message is important and that you are responsive to their needs. This helps to build positive customer relationships and improves overall satisfaction.

have a communication Quality assurance

Call recording allows businesses to evaluate the performance of their customer service representatives. By reviewing recorded calls, businesses can identify areas where improvement is needed and provide targeted training to employees.

Manage Your Business Anywhere

Mobile apps play a vital role in enhancing customer engagement, improving customer service, gaining a competitive advantage, and driving revenue for businesses

Take control of your business through the mobile app

With our mobile app, you will have control and be on the top of your business anytime any where. You will be able to view and respond to your emails, texts, social media messages, and reply to any new reviews.

have access from your mobile device

Our Mobile app make it convenient for you to access the main platform's features such as in-app messaging, calendars, contacts, accept payments if needed, receive push notifications, and more.

easily accept payments from enywhere

With the mobile app, you can easily accept payments by taping any supported credit card to the back of your mobile device.

Join Businesses Using The Most Powerful Platform On The Planet To Save Time, Money, Scale & Grow Fast

  • Standout and win your market with powerful tools

  • Account Success Manager Hours

  • Unlimited usage & users

  • $5 Monthly credit to be used towards text messages or AI features

  • Smart Reviews Collector
    Build your brand image by getting positive online reviews, hear your clients feedback, and keep in touch with them with any future offers or holiday greeting.

  • AI Chat Widget Receptionist
    A fully-trained AI Receptionist for your website that never sleeps, never gets sick, never needs vacation & replies right away, right answers, right on time.

  • All-In-One-Inbox

    Manage all customer interactions in one place, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

  • Text Messages Campaigns

    Get an instants delivery of your marketing campaigns with a significantly higher open rate compared to email or other forms of marketing.

  • Social Media Management

    Schedule and manage all your social media posts across various platforms in advance, edit your posts with the integrated photo editor.

  • Missed Call Text Back & Recorded Call Center
    Acknowledge the missed call and auto respond to the caller. Evaluate the performance of your customer service by recording all the calls.



  • $70 setup fee - waived for limited time

  • $1.15 monthly A2P number fee

  • $0.0079 for each text message

  • $0.08 for each AI generated message

  • $47/month for each additional business location

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